Why Us

ScientificResumes.com was launched to help scientists enter and advance in industrial research and development. It is the result of a collaborative effort of scientists who have active roles in R&D as hiring managers, executives, and recruiters. Every scientific leader and hiring manager in industry once came out of academia themselves. All have made the transition and now see thousands of resumes – and C.V.s.

group picture.80kbWe know what works.

Resume writers and template websites are too general.  They don’t address specific points important to scientists or scientific hiring managers.  Academic advisors are unfamiliar with industry resumes.  Their C.V.s are only useful as templates for academic positions — part of a more complete package.

We help you identify the most useful information for resume substance, wording, format, and presentation, and show you how to make your resume relevant and industry friendly. 

Get the information and tools you need to write a results-oriented, industry-friendly resume and get noticed.
Stop the frustration. Increase your chances of getting interviewed.


“I did everything you said to the best of my abilities, got an onsite interview through ACS and even got an offer to join that day at the end of the interview. Again, thank you so much!”   –James