What You Get


More than just a format to use.  More than generalities.  More than suggestions.

.Designed specifically for graduate students and postdocs in science
who want to transition into industry, 
you will be able to immediately download:

  • The P.R.E. Resume Worksheet® will form the basis for an outstanding, results-oriented, industry-friendly resume.  With over a dozen questions specifically designed for graduate students and postdocs this worksheet will help convert your academic experience into accomplished results.  It will lead you to identify contributions you didn’t think of, realize, or remember.
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating a clear, direct, powerful document that tells industry hiring managers what is important in a way they will receive it.
  • A list of action verbs that psychologically communicate, “results accomplished” to illustrate your productivity.
  • A profile builder for crafting a “summary” or “profile” (instead of an objective) that is targeted and effective, yet flexible – plus real examples.
  • Sample resumes depicting key points and providing successful model templates.
  • Tips to help ensure your resume gets seen and read by the right people AND reduces their “fear of hiring.”

*OPTIONAL* Proofreading

ScientificResumes.com offers proofreading expertise and review. Good communication skills are critical in industry so it is critical that you  demonstrate your writing ability with an error-free resume. If you want added confidence when submitting your resume, our experienced editors will identify typos, punctuation, and grammatical errors, as well as offer advice if there are areas of your resume that can be improved. Proofreading and review also can be ordered separately at a later date.

.Use a more effective tool – an industry-friendly resume – to help you get considered, get interviewed, and get the job you want.